One Nation to scrap How to Vote cards

Queensland One Nation leader Steve Dickson announced today under a One Nation Queensland Government, ‘how-to-vote cards’ will be scrapped.

“If a One Nation government is elected in Queensland we will be introducing legislation to remove the use of the HTV cards for Queensland state elections,” Mr Dickson said. 

“Time and time again, when going to vote residents are forced to take upwards of 4 pieces of paper into the voting booth with them.

“Not only is this confusing, but it is a waste of paper. In order to become more voter friendly and more environmentally friendly, a One Nation Queensland government will scrap these cards altogether.”

“We want voters to make up their own mind unencumbered and without being harassed at the polling booths.

“Trees will no longer be cut down to produce millions of HTV cards.”

Mr Dickson said the HTV cards would be replaced by simple posters in the individual booths.

“A One Nation government is committed to saving money, looking out for our environment and ensuring candidates aren’t confusing, harassing or putting off voters.”

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8 March 2017