One Nation Queensland – Urban Food Street Policy

Queensland Leader of One Nation and Member for Buderim Steve Dickson today released the One Nation policy on Urban Food Street.

Mr Dickson said, “I have been a strong supporter of Urban Food Street since its inception.  I have delivered speeches in Parliament and brought many visiting politicians to the streets, including Senator Pauline Hanson.  Earlier this year I met with the Mayor of the Sunshine Coast and asked him to support this project and to not destroy any produce growing on Urban Food Street.  I urged council to make this a showcase for the rest of Queensland to follow.

“Like many residents, I was devastated to see the destruction of fully laden fruit trees by Sunshine Coast Council on 31 May. This goes against everything that Urban Food Street stands for including no food wastage, social cohesion and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

“Urban Food Street residents advise that council has bullied them into a very restrictive permit which is free for the moment but stipulates that they are unable to plant any new produce without council approval, the need to obtain liability insurance etc.  Residents have managed to turn Urban Food Street into an environmentally sustainable community driven initiative without any government interference and should have been encouraged by council to continue in a mutually acceptable way, without over restrictive bureaucracy. 

Mr Dickson said, “Today I am pleased to release the One Nation policy regarding Buderim’s and future Urban Food Streets”:

Queensland is being turned into a nanny State with the “politically correct” brigade running the show. With crime statistics going through the roof, Police being hampered from doing their job and ordinary citizens fearful of going about their normal lives, a new approach is needed. It is more than law and order. It is more than freedom of expression. It is more than personal choice. It is about regaining our own lifestyle and freedoms from over-structured bureaucracy.

The latest example of Government, in this the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, getting it wrong is the destruction of a community’s pride and joy in the Buderim electorate – the Urban Food Street project. For nearly eight years residents in Clitheroe Avenue, Buderim have maintained a fruit and vegetable garden on public land at the front of their houses. The Street has no kerb or guttering. Council insisted that residents get a permit from Council and Public Liability Insurance to be allowed to maintain fruit trees on public land. Some refused, so the Council has destroyed the internationally-renown Urban Food Street.

This is another example of how One Nation will cut red tape and put people before politics. 

One Nation will:

  • Review the public liability coverage for citizens in Queensland and reform the legislation around personal liability
  • Ensure Local Government covers any public liability on residential verges
  • Ensure safe and reasonable pedestrian access
  • Enact Legislation to enable residents to reasonably cultivate public land in front of their residence, if adjoining residents are supportive

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