Gold Coast community clubs to suffer in the hands of major parties

One Nation Queensland Leader Steve Dickson is calling on the Premier and her Labor Government to put the community ahead of their own interests.

Mr Dickson says, should the $3 billion Gold Coast casino development by ASF Consortia continue, local community clubs will be decimated and local jobs lost.

“While the previous ASF Consortia bid was rejected in 2015, it seems the Labor Government are determined to let this slip through, despite the opposition from the community,” Mr Dickson said.

“There also needs to full disclosure about the Chinese getting ‘our’ land for free, given the Premier is gifting our sovereign assets to ASF. How is this in the best interests of Queensland I ask?

Mr Dickson said there had been no consideration by the major parties of how this deal would affect community clubs or Gold Coast businesses more broadly.

“This is also another example of the unions pushing their own agenda via the Premier and the Queensland people are left to suffer the consequences,” Mr Dickson said.

“Conservatively, 30 Gold Coast community clubs are at significant risk of closure, $34 million will be ripped out of Gold Coast community via contributions and taxes foregone, there will be no new jobs created post construction and over 500,000 club members and volunteers displaced.  Then there are also the pubs and hospitality generally across the coast that will also suffer.”

Clubs Queensland CEO, Doug Flockhart said if the ASF casino goes ahead figures show a projected 25% reduction in profitability for local clubs.

“This level of reduction in profits would see most clubs drastically reduce their profits, and therefore community contributions would be sacrificed,” Mr Flockhart said.

“This means no money for legacy, no surf life savers, no children’s sporting equipment grants or fields to enjoy recreational activities.

“The gaming market is already saturated and the majority of custom is from locals, meaning another casino can only result in Australian owned and operated hospitality and businesses closing their doors.

Mr Dickson said, “It’s One Nation’s view that one casino on the Gold Coast is enough, given the implications on local clubs.”

“I know the Premier has been talking up the project, but the truth is, this is just another example of Queensland being led by the unions and not having a clear agenda.

“The Premier isn’t sticking up for the people of Queensland and she has no representatives to stick up for the people of the Gold Coast. This deal won’t help develop our State, it will see local jobs slashed, local income slashed and local hospitality venues that support local communities forced to close. Only One Nation will stand up for the Gold Coast community and stop overseas investment stealing our land, our beaches and our business.

“If this deal goes ahead we’re talking about a massive cultural loss, economic loss, not to mention environmental concerns, as well as issues such as overdevelopment, density and traffic impacts.

Mr Dickson said, “Many people would not be aware of the consultation process and the implications on their local clubs. I encourage the community to get behind Gold Coast clubs and ensure they have their say.

This can be done via the Department of State Development website which has information on the two consultation programs, some Frequently Asked Questions, and two online questionnaires to capture your feedback:

10 February 2017