Member for Buderim Steve Dickson MP said, “The Queensland Redistribution Commission has released its final determination report for the new Queensland state electorate boundaries.  Whilst I am sorry to lose some areas to the new seat of Ninderry, I am very pleased that Sippy Downs is now within the Buderim electorate.  In March I made a submission to the QRC outlining the following reasons:

  • Sippy Downs is a natural fit within the electorate of Buderim geographically, in a road connectivity sense, for that of local feeder schools, community and sporting organisations.
  • The University is a community hub with assets such as the libraries, meeting venues, the Olympic pool and sporting facilities a natural magnet for Buderim electors.
  • Incorporated community associations – The Sippy Downs and District Community Association is an affiliate group of the Buderim War Memorial Community Association.
  • The local Chamber of Commerce – the 4556 Chamber, derives its name from the postcode of the suburbs that it represents.  This includes Buderim and Sippy Downs.
  • Buderim village and Sippy Downs provide community amenity in the form of shopping, sporting and social venues.”

Mr Dickson said, “I have a long history with Sippy Downs, first representing the area as the Local Councillor from 2000 to 2006 and as the State Member from 2006 to 2009, prior to the last boundary distribution.

“I have an extremely close working relationship with Cr Christian Dickson who represents Sippy Downs and we look forward to continuing to work together to progress this area.

“Whilst not officially representing Sippy Downs for the past few years, I have kept abreast of local issues.  I have remained a member of the Sippy Downs and District Community Association, continued strong ties with the University of the Sunshine Coast and was pleased to accept invitations to events at Siena Catholic College and Chancellor State College.  I have provided support for development in the Sippy Downs Towns Centre and stayed connected with residents and local businesses.”

Mr Dickson added, “The new Harmony development at Palmivew to the immediate south of Sippy Downs is also included in the Buderim electorate.  I have been involved with the planning for this development, supporting residents to ensure the best outcome for the existing community and I look forward to again liaising with the community, council and developers.”

Final district maps can be viewed at:

The boundaries are finalised following the 21 day appeals period.  The 2017 redistribution boundaries will come into effect when the writ for the next General State Election is issued.

To view a video on this release with Cr Christian Dickson, visit www.facebook/stevedicksonmp

One Nation Queensland – Urban Food Street Policy

Queensland Leader of One Nation and Member for Buderim Steve Dickson today released the One Nation policy on Urban Food Street.

Mr Dickson said, “I have been a strong supporter of Urban Food Street since its inception.  I have delivered speeches in Parliament and brought many visiting politicians to the streets, including Senator Pauline Hanson.  Earlier this year I met with the Mayor of the Sunshine Coast and asked him to support this project and to not destroy any produce growing on Urban Food Street.  I urged council to make this a showcase for the rest of Queensland to follow.

“Like many residents, I was devastated to see the destruction of fully laden fruit trees by Sunshine Coast Council on 31 May. This goes against everything that Urban Food Street stands for including no food wastage, social cohesion and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

“Urban Food Street residents advise that council has bullied them into a very restrictive permit which is free for the moment but stipulates that they are unable to plant any new produce without council approval, the need to obtain liability insurance etc.  Residents have managed to turn Urban Food Street into an environmentally sustainable community driven initiative without any government interference and should have been encouraged by council to continue in a mutually acceptable way, without over restrictive bureaucracy. 

Mr Dickson said, “Today I am pleased to release the One Nation policy regarding Buderim’s and future Urban Food Streets”:

Queensland is being turned into a nanny State with the “politically correct” brigade running the show. With crime statistics going through the roof, Police being hampered from doing their job and ordinary citizens fearful of going about their normal lives, a new approach is needed. It is more than law and order. It is more than freedom of expression. It is more than personal choice. It is about regaining our own lifestyle and freedoms from over-structured bureaucracy.

The latest example of Government, in this the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, getting it wrong is the destruction of a community’s pride and joy in the Buderim electorate – the Urban Food Street project. For nearly eight years residents in Clitheroe Avenue, Buderim have maintained a fruit and vegetable garden on public land at the front of their houses. The Street has no kerb or guttering. Council insisted that residents get a permit from Council and Public Liability Insurance to be allowed to maintain fruit trees on public land. Some refused, so the Council has destroyed the internationally-renown Urban Food Street.

This is another example of how One Nation will cut red tape and put people before politics. 

One Nation will:

  • Review the public liability coverage for citizens in Queensland and reform the legislation around personal liability
  • Ensure Local Government covers any public liability on residential verges
  • Ensure safe and reasonable pedestrian access
  • Enact Legislation to enable residents to reasonably cultivate public land in front of their residence, if adjoining residents are supportive

Please view video on Facebook page – SteveDicksonMP

One Nation to scrap How to Vote cards

Queensland One Nation leader Steve Dickson announced today under a One Nation Queensland Government, ‘how-to-vote cards’ will be scrapped.

“If a One Nation government is elected in Queensland we will be introducing legislation to remove the use of the HTV cards for Queensland state elections,” Mr Dickson said. 

“Time and time again, when going to vote residents are forced to take upwards of 4 pieces of paper into the voting booth with them.

“Not only is this confusing, but it is a waste of paper. In order to become more voter friendly and more environmentally friendly, a One Nation Queensland government will scrap these cards altogether.”

“We want voters to make up their own mind unencumbered and without being harassed at the polling booths.

“Trees will no longer be cut down to produce millions of HTV cards.”

Mr Dickson said the HTV cards would be replaced by simple posters in the individual booths.

“A One Nation government is committed to saving money, looking out for our environment and ensuring candidates aren’t confusing, harassing or putting off voters.”

For more information and to view Steve’s announcement, head to 

8 March 2017

Primary producers to suffer under 2017 National Firearms Agreement

Member for Buderim and Queensland One Nation Leader Steve Dickson said, “After reviewing the 2017 National Firearms Agreement that was released last week, I was very disappointed with many aspects, including the unfair treatment of our primary producers.

“This document is an agreement between the States and the Commonwealth.  Queensland’s Palaszczuk Government is a signatory to this agreement.  It unreasonably penalises legitimate gun owners and sporting shooters in this State.

“It does absolutely nothing about firearms related crime, drug trafficking and lack of Police powers to tackle criminals in this State.

“What it does do is further restrict and curtail the activities of law-abiding Queensland citizens, including our primary producers.”

Mr Dickson said, “For the average primary producer, a firearm is just a tool, it is a part of daily life, whether it be eradicating feral pests like pigs or dealing with distressed livestock.

“I grew up on a farm and have first-hand experience of the need farmers have for firearms. I am not one of those George Street graziers.

“To quote just one of the new rules – there will be no handgun licences  (Category H) at all for primary producers. So out in the scrub on horseback with no handgun!  Rifles can be cumbersome and dangerous when on riding through the bush on motorbikes.

“There is 14 pages of this nonsense cooked up by bureaucrats in air-conditioned offices, thousands of kilometres from working primary producers.

The Labor Police Minister (and now Minister for Agriculture) Bill Byrne signed off on this. What did he know and when did he know it?

As the Member for Buderim I am more supportive of primary producers and legitimate gun owners than Bill Byrne, the Member for Rockhampton.”

Shooters Union Qld President Graham Park said their members have been calling and emailing the Shooters Union office outraged about this latest assault. “It is shocking to see primary producers continually attacked by this government. First it was vegetation laws that would have decimated agriculture in Queensland and now by wanting to deny farmers the use of effective tools such as Cat H firearms to assist them in humane destruction of livestock and feral pests”.

“One Nation vehemently opposes putting more restrictions on salt-of-the-earth farmers while the drug dealers and Ice pushers do what they want.

“I am calling on all legitimate firearm owners in Queensland to contact their local Member of Parliament and protest this rubbish.

“One Nation will be actively working to overturn this”, Mr Dickson said.

23 February 2017

Million dollar pledge for Buderim Men’s Shed

Member for Buderim and Queensland One Nation leader Steve Dickson has committed to fund the construction of the new Buderim Men’s Shed under a One Nation-led Queensland Government.

“If a One Nation government is elected in Queensland, the Buderim Men’s shed will finally be able to construct and move into their new permanent home,” Mr Dickson said.

“The group, established in early 2011, currently operates from a temporary facility at Mill Rd in Buderim, generously provided by owners Dr. Bill Glasson and Prof. Claire Jackson.

“While the organisation has already raised $250,000, this extra funding boost will enable the Buderim Men’s Shed to create a permanent home.

“This special group do so much for our community and I want to ensure they can continue their good work.”

Buderim Men’s Shed President Rick Beasley said, “The funding will allow construction of a permanent facility.

“This contribution from One Nation will mean that we can continue to operate our organisation which provides a safe and friendly meeting place for men to work on projects, discuss health issues, make friends and learn new skills in the company of like-minded men.

In addition, the Buderim Men’s Shed will work with other non-profit organisations who will be able to make use of this facility.

Mr Dickson said the Buderim Men’s Shed was the biggest men’s shed group in Australia and deserved to be able to continue expanding and integrating with the community.

“The shed provides positive health and wellbeing outcomes for all those who take part and through this expansion the men will be able to take their strong community spirit and allow it to grow.”

For more information and to view Steve’s announcement, head to

21 February 2017

Gold Coast community clubs to suffer in the hands of major parties

One Nation Queensland Leader Steve Dickson is calling on the Premier and her Labor Government to put the community ahead of their own interests.

Mr Dickson says, should the $3 billion Gold Coast casino development by ASF Consortia continue, local community clubs will be decimated and local jobs lost.

“While the previous ASF Consortia bid was rejected in 2015, it seems the Labor Government are determined to let this slip through, despite the opposition from the community,” Mr Dickson said.

“There also needs to full disclosure about the Chinese getting ‘our’ land for free, given the Premier is gifting our sovereign assets to ASF. How is this in the best interests of Queensland I ask?

Mr Dickson said there had been no consideration by the major parties of how this deal would affect community clubs or Gold Coast businesses more broadly.

“This is also another example of the unions pushing their own agenda via the Premier and the Queensland people are left to suffer the consequences,” Mr Dickson said.

“Conservatively, 30 Gold Coast community clubs are at significant risk of closure, $34 million will be ripped out of Gold Coast community via contributions and taxes foregone, there will be no new jobs created post construction and over 500,000 club members and volunteers displaced.  Then there are also the pubs and hospitality generally across the coast that will also suffer.”

Clubs Queensland CEO, Doug Flockhart said if the ASF casino goes ahead figures show a projected 25% reduction in profitability for local clubs.

“This level of reduction in profits would see most clubs drastically reduce their profits, and therefore community contributions would be sacrificed,” Mr Flockhart said.

“This means no money for legacy, no surf life savers, no children’s sporting equipment grants or fields to enjoy recreational activities.

“The gaming market is already saturated and the majority of custom is from locals, meaning another casino can only result in Australian owned and operated hospitality and businesses closing their doors.

Mr Dickson said, “It’s One Nation’s view that one casino on the Gold Coast is enough, given the implications on local clubs.”

“I know the Premier has been talking up the project, but the truth is, this is just another example of Queensland being led by the unions and not having a clear agenda.

“The Premier isn’t sticking up for the people of Queensland and she has no representatives to stick up for the people of the Gold Coast. This deal won’t help develop our State, it will see local jobs slashed, local income slashed and local hospitality venues that support local communities forced to close. Only One Nation will stand up for the Gold Coast community and stop overseas investment stealing our land, our beaches and our business.

“If this deal goes ahead we’re talking about a massive cultural loss, economic loss, not to mention environmental concerns, as well as issues such as overdevelopment, density and traffic impacts.

Mr Dickson said, “Many people would not be aware of the consultation process and the implications on their local clubs. I encourage the community to get behind Gold Coast clubs and ensure they have their say.

This can be done via the Department of State Development website which has information on the two consultation programs, some Frequently Asked Questions, and two online questionnaires to capture your feedback:

10 February 2017